The Leader of the Lower Silesian Eco-energetic Cluster EEI


Renewable Energy Sources
We undertake projects in the energy fileds - Polish Internet cloud supports the EEI Cluster contributed to support the activities of the Cluster EEI in the form of an innovative Internet technology. Storino allows us to quickly move files from one computer to another. There is only one condition: the software must be installed on both computers connected to the Internet . After installation a folder with the name of Sky My Documents (SMD) appears. Now you just move there a document, spreadsheet, photo or other file and after a short sync it will be on the second computer. It's much faster and more convenient way than to transfer files via email or flash drive. While working in the company and at home together on several computers, the SMD folder for all of them has the same content and the same files. After turning off the computer and completing work in a company, you just go home and turn on your personal PC, so after a short synchronization you have the same content of the folder that you had leaving the company. At the same time a copy of the data is secured in the cloud and serves as a backup, so that you do not have to worry about losing data on the disk.

More about Polish cloud you will learn HERE.