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International Trade Fair - enertec and TerraTec 2009

During 27-29 of January 2009 in Leipzig International Trade Fair for Energy enertec and International Trade Fair for Environmental Technologies and Services TerraTec took place.

Leipzig Trade Fair are one of the most important branch meetings in the world. In previous edition 9 700 people participated in enertec and 12 500 people from 48 countries participated in TerraTec. It was 570 exhibitors who took part in the Fair then.

This year edition it came to a lot of business meetings in workshop form. In one of these meetings representatives of CEDRES took part. Workshop within enertec/TerraTec Fairs took place on 28th of January 2009 entitled “Specific project plans concerning the use of renewable energy and energetic effectiveness solutions in community and industry in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary.

During the meeting the Polish party was introduced by Mr. Mieczyslaw Ciurla Director of Economic Development Office of Lower Silesia Marshall Office. Afterwards Mr. Maciej Sygit presented a subject „Construction of a pilot biogas plant utilizing green wastes in Lower Silesia”.