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Renewable Energy Sources
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Cedres and The EEI Cluster

The Centre was set up on 11th of April 2006 as a non-profit organization. Our core performance focuses on economic and organizational aspects of RES solutions. Centre for Eco-development and Renewable Energy Sources is a leader of EEI Cluster.

During performance of scientific network “Energy” within Lower Silesian Centre of Advanced Technologies many activities were carried out in order to create an eco-energetic cluster created to regional companies. Crucial activities involved evaluation of potential of renewable energy sources (RES) and use of RES in Lower Silesian region. Polish renewable energy market appears to be an emerging one in comparison to e.g. USA or German markets. Studies performed to evaluate future situation show dynamic growth of SMEs’ potential in RES within next 5-10 years.

Most of the Lower Silesian potential hides in various forms of biomass. It is expected that few hundred biogas power plants can be built in Poland. This development also applies to use of dry biomass– especially straw. Considering economic efficiency of biomass cogeneration plants Lower Silesia region is said to have a chance to develop regional speciality. Eco-Energetic Cluster EEI – Energy, Ecology, Innovation was founded in 2006 by the Lower Silesian Centre of Advanced Technologies. Its aim is to create a bridge between science, research and business. The cluster coordinates research and development in the field of renewable energy sources in the Lower Silesia region. The members aspire to enter into new relations with international partners. The EEI Cluster has already established connections with entities from North Czech Republic region and Saxony in Germany.

Aspiring to create interregional co-operation with other clusters and entities the EEI Cluster took a part in European Clustering and Co-operation Net ( project. Twelve entities from seven EU countries joined (Germany, Poland, The Czech Republic, Estonia, Austria, Slovenia, Italy). The primary targets of the project corresponded with targets of the EEI Cluster. The leader of the project was Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH from Dresden which supports development of Saxony Region.

The EEI Cluster co-organizes conferences and seminars on ecology and renewable energy sources. Cluster’s members actively participate in various regional and foreign events, of which examples are:

1. Conference on "Development of the Lower Silesian Eco-Energy Cluster EEI - Energy, Ecology, Innovation, Wroclaw, 2010
2. Energy Panel "Best Practices in the region", XI Lower Silesian Local Government Forum, Kudowa Zdroj, 2010
3. Conference "Current problems of management of municipal enterprise", Wrocław 2009,
4. Conference "Renewable Energy Sources” Bogatyńsko-Zgorzelec Industry and Technology Park, " Turow Park Sp. z o.o., Zgorzelec 2009
5. Conference "Renewable Energy", Wrocław 2009,
6. II Lower Silesian Forum of Renewable Energy, Wroclaw, 2008
7. Seminar "Renewable Energy Sources - opportunities and barriers to development", Wrocław 2008,
8. "Biomass - the source of green energy" in Strzelin, October 2008,
9. "The concept of the creation of Research and Development Centre for Renewable Energy Sources in Strzelin", The Municipal Council Strzelin 2008,
10. “Clean Energy”, November 2007, which was in programme of project.
11. I Lower Silesian Forum of Renewable Energy in October 2007.

In April of 2010 CEDRES Foundation won the competition for the performance of public tasks of Lower Silesia in the range of activities that support economic development, including the entrepreneurship in 2010. Foundation's offer received the highest merit scores and within the next four months the Cluster’s Leader pursued the task "Development of the Lower Silesian Eco-energy Cluster EEI - Energy, Ecology, Innovation". Cluster’s members are involved in the preparation and execution of various projects whose subject matter coincides with the substantive area of the Cluster.