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Renewable Energy Sources
We undertake projects in the energy fileds - Polish Internet cloud supports the EEI Cluster contributed to support the activities of the Cluster EEI in the form of an innovative Internet technology. Storino allows us to quickly move files from one computer to another. There is only one condition: the software must be installed on both computers connected to the Internet . After installation a folder with the name of Sky My Documents (SMD) appears. Now you just move there a document, spreadsheet, photo or other file and after a short sync it will be on the second computer.

We invite you to take part in online questionnaire

On the website of Lower Silesian Cluster Eco-energetic EEI - Energy, Ecology, Innovation we posted a questionnaire.

You are welcome to attend and vote!

VII Polish-Saxony Economic Forum

On Thursday, November 18, 2010 the Polish-Saxon Economic Forum was held. The event under the banner "reversible event in the heart of Europe" was held at the Congress Center in Leipzig. Among the speakers there are well-known figures from political, economic and scientific environment. The Forum was officially opened by Sven Morloka, Deputy Prime Minister of the Free State of Saxony, the Minister of Economy, Labour and Transport.

The program of the Forum included conducting three workshops:
1. Energy efficiency in public buildings,

VII Polish-Saxon Economic Forum 18.11.2010

This year, the Polish-Saxon Economic Forum will be held for the seventh time and is a continuation of the six successful meetings, held alternately by the Ministry of Economy of the two countries and the Office of the Marshal of Lower Silesia.

Their main purpose is to enhance cross-border contacts and cooperation and networking in various sectors of the economy. Forums support strategic actions across borders and thus promote both the development and international competitiveness of enterprises as Saxon, and Polish.

Foundation CEDRES the winner in Lower Silesia

In accordance with Lower Silesia Voivodeship's Executive Board’s resolution dated May 4, 2010 the Foundation CEDRES’s offer won the competition concerning the development of the clusters in Lower Silesia.

Trade Forum – Co-operation Stock Exchange 09th of June 2010 Jelenia Gora

On 9th of June 2010 Trade Forum - Co-operation Stock Exchange will take place in Wojanow Palace near Jelenia Gora.

The leading subject will be environment protection in the communities of Saxony and Lower Silesia. Forum will focus on water distribution and treatment, waste utilization and economy, especially in rural area. Forum is organized by Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen Ltd from Dresden.

Together with KARR Inc. a trade contact exchange will be prepared.

27-28th of April in Wroclaw – The WRC EIT+ Conference


The main goal of Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ is building and management of the largest research infrastructure in Poland.

XI Lower Silesian Local Government Forum, 24-26th of March 2010


It is already eleventh time when representatives of local government meet in Kudowa-Zdroj on „Lower Silesian Local Government Forum”. The meeting will take place on 24-26th of March 2010.

"Energy from biogas" in Warsaw

A workshop „Energy from biogas” will took place on 24-25th of February 2010 in Warsaw. The workshop is organized by MM Conferences and the place of meeting will be Businessman Institute, 40a Trakt Lubelski Street, Warsaw.

Reservation can be made by emailing:

7-8th of May 2009 - The Conference

On 7th and 8th of May 2009 a conference entitled "Current problems with municipal companies management". At Solny Square in Wroclaw i.a. representatives of highest levels of management of water supply and sewerage companies have appeared.

The first lecture was given by prof. Marian Noga, member of Monetary Policy Council, who was speaking about relationships between policy of the National Bank of Poland and stability of tangible investments.

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